Thursday, June 23, 2011

Justice seen to be done

Double Shah had shocked the nation some time ago. Now LHC has directed NAB to receive claim of Rs. 60.45 m against Double Shah.
LHC directs NAB to receive claim of Rs 60.45m against Double Shah
Staff Report

LAHORE: Chief Justice (CJ) Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry of the Lahore High Court (LHC), on Wednesday, directed the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to receive claim of Rs 60.45 million against the fraud-accused Syed Sibtul Hassan Gillani alias Double Shah and also file a supplementary reference against him.

The CJ issued the direction on a petition filed by Ahsan Allah Ranjha who had worked as an agent for Double Shah. The petitioner said that he had given Rs 60.45 million to Double Shah for business but he had not returned the principal amount or the profit.

He submitted that after Double Shah’s arrest he had approached the NAB to submit his claim but NAB refused to entertain it. He said that the LHC, after listening to his petition in 2009, had ordered the NAB authorities to entertain his claim but the order had not been implemented so far.

Ranjha is currently living abroad. He said that he had tried contacting the NAB several times, asking them to record his statement through his attorney and entertain his claim, however, no action had been taken as yet. He requested that directions be issued to the NAB for entertaining his claim. In reply to the petition, the NAB’s counsel said that the petitioner had never approached the bureau. The CJ finally issued directions to the NAB to receive the petitioner’s claim.

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