Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Labour Law in Pakistan; Employer's abuse of Employees

The laws that were designed to protect hardworking Pakistanis are being ignored by an increasing number of employers. From unpaid overtime to deliberate employee misclassification, employment violations are committed every day across the nation. Provident Fund is often given at the wrong rate with the company pocketing your hard earned money.  

As an employee, you perform certain duties, and in turn you’re paid the wages you and your employer agreed on. This arrangement works well, as long as both you and your employer stick with the agreement—and the agreement complies with the law. As a non-exempt employee, you’re entitled to wages for all the time you work and any other compensation you earn. The time you work generally includes all the hours you’re in service to your employer, even if you’re not doing your usual duties. If you attend on-the-job meetings or training, for example, your employer must pay you for those hours Companies sometimes refuse to pay overtime wages on the basis that employees are “exempt”. Perhaps they fail to provide benefits because workers are “independent contractor.” The company’s reasoning is fine – if your classification is appropriate. Misclassification of employees is a common problem, however.

If you think your workplace rights may have been violated, Workplace violations aren't limited to minority populations, low-paid workers or the uneducated. Everyone, regardless of income level or background, is potentially at risk. Unless you’re specifically classified as an “exempt” worker, under the Labour Laws of Pakistan, your employer must pay overtime wages for any hours you work over 48 hours in a workweek. Overtime wages must be paid at a rate no less than one and one-half times (150%) your regular hourly rate.you may be entitled to compensation. Call YLH&Co for an evaluation of your case.

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