Thursday, May 30, 2013

M N Roy's concluding paragraph on Jinnah

M N Roy was a leading intellectual, political philosopher and activist from India.  This is how he saw Jinnah in an article written days after Jinnah's demise.
But few mortal men  can escape being prisoners of their creation. Pakistan was Jinnah’s creation, and he had to hold the baby. There was no competent nurse; at least that must have been his feeling. It would have been superhuman to act otherwise, and Jinnah was not an angel. But he was not the devil of the drama, as he was made out to be. He is no more with us. Let justice be done to his memory.
      Jinnah did not survive his triumph. He had been a sick man  for the last year of his life;  and grave anxiety  must have been the cause of the sickness. The establishment of the “largest Muslim State” meant leaving many millions of Muslims in the lurch. Having been fighters for Pakistan, the millions of Muslims left in the Indian Union are in the most difficult position. Most of them feel betrayed. Jinnah was fully conscious of that tragedy, which must have haunted his last days.   Indeed, the homeland for Indian Muslims was a Utopia; any territorial division was bound to leave many millions of them out, in a very delicate position of being regarded as aliens, suspected of disloyalty to the land they must live in. An intelligent man like Jinnah must have foreseen this tragic consequence of what he demanded. Therefore, I for one do not believe that he really wanted partition of the country. Like a gambler, over-confident of his wits, he staked high, believing that other party would compromise on his terms. That would have been for the best of all concerned. But the latter having taken up the attitude of all or nothing, Jinnah was driven to the bitter end –of gaining a victory he himself dreaded and which he did not survive.

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