Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stockholm Internet Forum

Here is an update I wrote about the Stockholm Internet Forum:

Sooner or later, the entire world will have to accept access to the internet, freely and without fetters, as a human right. For us in Pakistan, we have to make a clear choice. The extremist minority that keeps us hostage to fear and bigotry will try and drag us backwards always. The answer, the road to progress and prosperity lies in ensuring that all our citizens are granted equal access to information freely and without any surveillance. Internet freedom is going to be the key indicator in human freedom and human rights. Let us not allow ourselves to be sold off or manipulated any longer by those conniving powers that be, which wish to exercise control over our thoughts and minds.

 Stockholm Internet Forum was a veritable gathering of the who's who of the internet. The objective was one: Free internet without any state or corporate fetters.

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