Thursday, January 24, 2013


Read this insightful blog over at Huffington Post and thought I'd share it with my readers.
Unless protestors #RemoveHate against all groups, they cannot #RemoveHate against any. That's why I always had trepidations about the Shiite sect becoming the next target -- the next Ahmadis if you will. Leading Pakistani analysts feel the same way.
So here is my unifying proposal for all Pakistani Muslims: redeem yourselves by starting a #RemoveHate Twitter campaign. You cannot change the discriminatory laws and you cannot change the school curricula -- at least not that easily. But why not, physically and literally, tear down the banners, whitewashing the graffiti and throw away the pamphlets that incite hatred or violence against any religious group?
Americans may argue to confront such hate speech with "more good speech." But here lies the rub: These banners actually incite violence by calling minorities "worthy of death" and leaving thousands dead.
These deaths -- or target killings -- are not happening in a vacuum. Just look at the anti-Ahmadi play book: First, the political arm of the Saudi funded Wahabi sect pigeonholes a minority sect as non-Muslims. This is followed by changing the public opinion and poisoning the public discourse, which manifests as hate filled banners and graffiti, and culminates into constitutional edicts and discriminatory laws.
Pakistan must undo the 1974's 2nd amendment to the constitution, the 1984 law i.e. Ord XX against Ahmadis and open up the office of the President and Prime Minister to all citizens of Pakistan as the bare minimum to save itself from dissolution and disintegration it faces today.

It can be our civil rights moment.

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