Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What are mitigating circumstances

What are mitigating circumstances?

Events or facts that can reduce the level of blame for a person's act, but that note enough to excuse it are known as mitigating circumstances.

Suppose Jordan went to his dentist to have a tooth extracted. The procedure went awry and Jordan ended up in the hospital for six weeks, fighting a life threatening infection. When he recovered, he sued the dentist and filed a claim against him with the state board of dentistry. Although Jordan's dentist did not dispute it was mishandled, he claimed that personal problems - such as a bitter divorce - had impaired his professional skills. He provided evidence of psychological counselling to help him overcome these problems and pointed out that Jordan's complaint was the only one brought against him in 20 years of practice.

By introducing the information in the court Jordan's dentist was able to reduce the severity of punishment. 

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