Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sample Will and Testament

This document is a very basic template of a will. Consult a lawyer to prepare a proper will.

1. This is my last Will and Testament, all other Wills and Testaments of mine stand cancelled.

2. I appoint [         ] as my executrix and executors and also my trustees.

3. All shares, stocks & securities and current accounts now standing in the name of my [                                ]are [              ]

4. I now hereby bequeath [ REAL PROPERTY  ]  as it stands absolutely and he/she can dispose of it in any manner she pleases by will, deed or otherwise.

5. I also direct my executors to pay [            ] over [         ]

6. I direct my executors to pay the following by way of gifts to the institutions/charities mentioned below:

7. Subject to above, all my residuary estate including the corpus that may fall after the lapse of life interests or otherwise to be [              ]


Attesting witnesses

You may also contact YLH&Co for a Will and Testament especially if you are unwilling to dole out heavy amounts to your Lawyers or Solicitors in the US or UK.


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