Monday, February 11, 2013

Why are Fakhra Hassans and Nabihas of Pakistan unwilling to take on the Mullahs?

The only endorsement I need for the fact that I do not have a misogynist bone in my body (despite what appears to be my threatening masculinity) came a woman who is 100 times the feminist the three above named self styled feminists can ever be-  Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari, who happens to be - as a sheer coincidence- my wife.  I had imagined that given that marriages are between contracting counterparties,  Aisha would the last person who would publicly endorse me but she did and I must have done something right.  She wrote:
Never has control been an issue, nor has interference, neither power. I am free in the real sense of the word, to chart my own course in life and in the day. What I have to come home to is unconditional support and understanding.
I wonder if this is entirely true. I can think of instances where this may not have been the case but what is true is that I believe this is how it ought to be. It is an ideal worth aspiring to, even if one may fall short.

I have wondered why these individuals claiming to fight for women's rights in Pakistan have shied away from taking on the mullahs. For those of you who remember, one Nabiha Meher Shaikh had accused me of putting up "rape threats" on twitter (which she now denies and has denied in her reply in court). The irony is that the same Nabiha only a few months prior to this realization about me had called me a true male feminist. Now I can't be both can I?  A true male feminist who is also a misogynist with a "rape mentality"?

I have taken her to court and have a restraining order against her. This has not stopped her from misrepresenting the facts.  Apparently she is telling her sisers in the grand feminist  collective that she is the one prosecuting me. This is hogwash and I have duly reported the same to the court. In part this is why I have been clarifying the true position on this blog.

Now you have Fakhra Hassan types jumping in the fray. They have been writing to my clients accusing them of hiring a misogynist "notorious Pakistani". They have in their letters lied about me and libelled me in the worst possible way.  As I thought about it, I understood the whole reason why I am such a soft target for them.  Consider:

Fakhra Hassan - the founder of dragittothetop - claims to be a member of the LGBT community and good for her.  The reason why these people target me is because they know I would not use this against them which is true.  After all if I wanted to use this against them, most of them would be in jail given our harsh laws regarding the gay community as it were.  However I am against all laws that seek to regulate individual conduct vis a vis sexuality and therefore am estopped from using it against people like Fakhra Hassan.

They say having a beard these days is like having a machine gun on one's face. Fakhra Hassans of Pakistan are scared of machine guns. Hence - driven by their hatred for their fathers and brothers- they take it out on people like me who have never meant them any harm.

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